Since Aug 2016

My Zumba journey was conceived in New Zealand. I was spending an amazing three months in the beautiful Kapiti Coast when I met Kat Francis, an awesome Zumba Instructor who inspired me and suggested I could become an instructor as well.

I left New Zealand in March 2016 and headed to Brazil, where I am from originally, to spend some time with my parents and family. In May 2016 I attended the Basic 1 Level Instructor's Training with ZES Rafael Rosa and had an incredible time. I fell in love with Zumba even more once I learned about the philosophy (and Science) behind it!

In June of the same year, I returned to the United Kingdom where I had lived since 1989 and where my 22 year old son was born. I settled in Droitwich Spa and started attending classes as a participant at the local Leisure Centre with Louis Oliver who, in October announced he was leaving and approached me and asked if I would be interested in taking over the classes as an instructor.

I am a qualified Counsellor initially underwent the Zumba training as part of my holistic approach and had not really intended to teach Zumba but use it as a bit of fun in my Therapeutic work, however, since the opportunity came along and I embraced it with all the passion I have for this fabulous activity. Since then, I have had great fun, have met wonderful and inspiring people - both ZIN members and participants and have grown as a person by the challenges of learning choreographies and standing in front of a class and leading them to have as much fun as I do every time I step onto the floor and hit the button!

In November I attended the Zumba Gold Training and am about to further my Fitness training with the Basic 2 Training!